The BRUBENDER concept bar is the area of our shop where the scope of coffee is widened, examined and accessible to you. Every person who enjoys coffee will get to experience it through a variety of extraction techniques. Here, seasoned baristas utilize all facets of ingenuity and machinery available to them to create beverages where coffee can be presented in a style of your choosing, or a way in which they feel you will enjoy it the most. But the limitless possibility of coffee is not the only capacity to which we push our baristas; Infused milks, cocktails, and proper food pairings are just a few of the measures in which coffee will be tested in this friendly, open-door, experimental concept bar. We pride ourselves on continuing to push the boundaries of a coffee that can take center stage or make a remarkable impact playing the second role.



Espresso Martini:

Spring 44 Vodka, Guatemalan Ceylan, New Orleans Coffee Liqueur, Agave


White Russian:

Spring 44 Vodka, House Coffee Liqueur, Almond Milk, Hickory Smoked Salt


Irish Cold Brew:

McFadden Spiced Irish Whiskey, Colombia Tolima,Organic Cane Sugar,

Battenkill Valley Cream


Kru Collins:

Black Button Citrus Forward Gin, Lemon, House Coffee Liqueur, Chamomile Bitters


Paden’s Idea:

Black Dirt Bourbon, Bespoke Bourbon Cream, Chai, Ginger, Burlesque Bitters


Mint to Be:

Elderflower Liqueur, Fresh Strawberry and Mint, Prosecco, Tiki Bitters


Fig-ure It Out:

Figenza Vodka, Fresh Lime Juice, Blackberry Sage Tea, Orange Cream Citrate


Mauka Lau:

Plantation Pineapple Rum, Tonic, Hellfire Bitters, Chamomile