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100% Kona Greenwell Farms


krucible *CRAFTED* 100% Kona Greenwell Farms

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krucible 100% Kona Peaberry Greenwell Farms

Notes: Caramel, Honeydew, Floral

Origin: Hawaii, United States

Processing: Washed


More about the producers: 

The Greenwell legacy began in 1850 when Henry Nicholas Greenwell first set foot on the fertile soil of rural Kona. Together with his wife, Elizabeth Caroline, Henry spent the next forty years farming, ranching and perfecting his Kona Coffee soon exporting it to Europe and the Americas. Our roast profile on this beautifully balanced coffee is lighter than most are used to with coffees from this well-known growing region of Hawaii, allowing it’s most unique and delicate flavors to shine. Just a delicious cup of sunshine.

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12 oz, 40 OZ


Whole Bean, Ground: 1.0, Ground: 1.5 (espresso), Ground: 2.0, Ground: 2.5, Ground: 3.0, Ground: 3.5, Ground: 4.0, Ground: 4.5, Ground: 5.0, Ground: 5.5, Ground: 6.0 (pour over), Ground: 6.5, Ground: 7.0, Ground: 7.5 (drip), Ground: 8.0, Ground: 8.5 (French press), Ground: 9.0, Ground: 9.5, Ground: 10.0, Ground: 10.5, Ground: 11.0