Kenya ‘Baragwi Thimu’ Peaberry


krucible Kenya ‘Baragwi Thimu’ Peaberry


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krucible Kenya ‘Baragwi Thimu’ Peaberry


Notes of: Green Apple, Juicy, Floral


Processing: Washed


About this coffee: This coffee comes from western Kirinyaga, a Kenyan district named after the native Kikuyu word for Mt. Kenya. The Kikuyu people live and thrive on the south and west slopes of the mountain where they use the fertile volcanic soil and fresh river water to produce truly amazing coffees.


The typical grind for most drip brewers is 9.

Additional Information
Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 4 × 5.5 in

12 oz, 2.5 lb


Whole Bean, Ground: 1.0, Ground: 1.5 (espresso), Ground: 2.0, Ground: 2.5, Ground: 3.0, Ground: 3.5, Ground: 4.0, Ground: 4.5, Ground: 5.0, Ground: 5.5, Ground: 6.0 (pour over), Ground: 6.5, Ground: 7.0, Ground: 7.5 (drip), Ground: 8.0, Ground: 8.5 (French press), Ground: 9.0, Ground: 9.5, Ground: 10.0, Ground: 10.5, Ground: 11.0