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Sumatra Trogon – 2 – Anaerobic Natural


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Tasting notes: Orange Creamsicle, Lemon Rind, Anise

Region: Gayo

Roast: Light/Medium

Varietal(s): TimTim, Abyssinia, Attend

Elevation: 1300 – 1650 MASL

Harvest: January – March

Process: Anaerobic Natural

About this coffee:

*The Trogon is a tropical Sumatran bird that are considered by many to be “the most beautiful of birds”. These birds have a long-standing mystery behind them as we still don’t know if they have any close relatives but maybe they are on its own position. Trogons are very seldom seen, reclusive and little is known about their biology.*

Auila is native Gayo, born and raised in Aceh Tengah. His family are all involved with coffee and he inherited a small farm. After finishing school, he started processing his own specialty coffee, but the market was mostly commercial oriented at the time. So, he decided to hunt for idocrase (vesuvianite) in Gayo instead, a precious stone in demand for jewelry. As these stones became harder to find and the specialty industry began to grow, he decided to return to processing coffee, buying cherry from his local community.

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